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Hiregood Recognized by Mayor Sohi for Commitment to Public Safety during State of the City Address

In a recent State of the City Address presented by EPCOR and hosted by the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Sohi commended Hiregood for its outstanding commitment to enhancing public safety in the city. The event, held on May 9, provided a platform for Mayor Sohi to address key issues and outline the future of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region's business landscape.

Mayor Sohi, serving his second year as the Mayor of Edmonton, expressed his gratitude to Hiregood for their efforts in staffing public washroom facilities and ensuring cleaner and safer environments for the community. During his the State of the City Address at the annual Mayor's Luncheon, Mayor Sohi specifically acknowledged Hiregood's dedication to making the city more welcoming and their contribution to improving the quality of life for Edmontonians.

Hiregood is committed to helping provide access to clean and safe washrooms and believes this is a fundamental human right. Our partnership with the city of Edmonton aims to create a cleaner and more welcoming environment for everyone, emphasizing the importance of accessible washroom facilities.

The recognition from Mayor Sohi is a significant achievement for Hiregood, as it highlights our dedication to public safety and tireless efforts to impact the community positively. Furthermore, our commitment aligns with the critical areas of focus set by Mayor Sohi and the City Council, which prioritize an inclusive economic recovery for Edmonton.

Mayor Sohi's recognition of Hiregood's contributions to public safety demonstrates the collaborative efforts between local businesses and the government to create a safer and more prosperous community.


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