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Albert's Story: Good Deeds & Good Karma

Albert is a client of Boyle Street Community Services, and an employee with Boyle Street Ventures Inc. (hiregood's parent company).

One cold winter day in February, Albert and his mentor Bob were at an Edmonton Public Library on a job contract when they found a shopping cart lodged in the snow. After digging it out, they saw that it belonged to the Italian Centre Shop. Having the hiregood truck, Albert suggested that they return the shopping cart. Bob and Albert loaded up the cart, drove it downtown and returned it to the Italian Centre Shop. The Assistant Manager was so grateful that she gave Albert a coffee on the house!

Albert enjoying his coffee (on the house!)

Though we know there is possibility that Albert will experience a few setbacks in his progress, we are all so proud of the immense amount of work that he has put into being where he is today. Big shout-out to Albert, as well as his mentor Bob for being such a great support.


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