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Do good with your to-do list!

Make an impact with your odd job!

hiregood provides opportunities for everyone.


Our team is a group of individuals with varied backgrounds and experiences, coming together to overcome barriers and champion our community. This unique collaboration uplifts those in need of support and provides grounding for those seeking to contribute. Through community collaboration, we strive to uplift and support those who need it most, actively fostering a stronger, more resilient society.


Our Services


About Us

What we do

Hiregood is a social enterprise owned by Boyle Street Community Services, a community organization in Edmonton that provides services to people experiencing homelessness and poverty.


The Hiregood team, called “Helping Hands” is a vibrant mosaic of Boyle Street community members. This includes individuals who have overcome barriers to employment or who may be experiencing homelessness and poverty.


Hiregood welcomes individuals spanning across youth, adults, and seniors. The Helping Hands team are skilled and motivated individuals eager to embrace meaningful work and purposeful engagement. Each group of Helping Hands is led by a seasoned mentor, ensuring a supportive and nurturing environment and that tasks are completed correctly, safely, and promptly.

So, how does this social enterprise work? The money that Hiregood makes gets reinvested into our business and community, allowing us to support our environment, clients, and Helping Hands.


Who we are

Our teams are comprised of Helping Hands, who are experienced, reliable, and friendly but face barriers to employment. In addition, we use a mentor model, meaning that our Helping Hands have on-site supervisors to ensure the job is done correctly and provide on-the-job training.


Here’s where you get involved: by hiring us, you’re giving our workers and their mentors incredible opportunities for meaningful employment — and, most importantly, a sense of purpose.


"I just want to say that I hired Boyle Street’s junk removal services and I was elated at how fast and how much junk they helped me get rid of! Will definitely hire again for my next wave of decluttering my garage."

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