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do good with your to-do list.

by hiring us, you're providing meaningful employment to vulnerable populations who face barriers to the formal job market. we're a social enterprise owned and operated by Boyle Street Community Services that offers a variety of services like cleaning, junk removal, snow removal, and property maintenance. not only will you be receiving high-quality services, you'll also be doing good with your to-do list!

electrostatic disinfection

our taskers will spray an electrostatically-charged mist onto surfaces to disinfect and protect you, your property and your business from the COVID-19 virus.

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home cleaning

our hourly rate includes two taskers who are dedicated to making the interior of your home sparkle. whether you're in need of a general tidy or a deep clean, we're ready for the task. (see the testimonial from a RE/MAX Elite agent who trusts us to prepare their show homes!)

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lawn mowing

lawn mowing is a foundational part of proper yard care. regular mowing helps your property looking clean and well-maintained, while also keeping your lawn fresh and healthy. 

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power raking

power raking is a great way to remove dead debris that builds up on your lawn over the winter. a better alternative to dethatching, power raking removes thatch without causing damage. 

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pressure washing

the average homeowner doesn't have access to the expensive and hefty equipment it takes to clean up the exterior of a house. we've got the tools to increase your home's curb appeal. note: we have a height restriction of 8ft for safety reasons.

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moving by yourself is a hassle, and pizza doesn't always convince your friends to help out. our taskers are happy to do the job for you.

note: service does not include packing or unpacking, please ensure your items are packed properly.

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junk removal

we love junk in our trunk. we use sustainable practices and will recycle, reuse, or donate any salvageable junk items, with permission. note: if your junk removal includes a mattress or box-spring, there will be an additional charge of $15 per.

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lawn aeration

your lawn needs to breathe. lawn aeration helps control lawn thatch and breaks up compacted soil, allowing water and fertilizer to better permeate grass roots.


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spring clean-up package

don't let the winter blues ruin your lawn this spring. this package is the full meal deal: includes power raking, lawn aeration, a mow and weed whacking. 

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dog or cat walking

let us take your furry best friend out for some exercise and fresh air. our taskers love spending time with dogs and cats of all ages. (please provide a collar, leash, and harness if necessary).

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holiday lights and decor

need your exterior holiday lights put up in November to prove your festive spirit to your neighbours? we'll be there to install them! lights still up in April? oops. we'll take them down for you. 

note: we have a height restriction of 8ft for safety reasons.

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general labour

need someone to assemble your IKEA furniture? require a few extra hands to build a fountain for your yard? we'll be there to help with random tasks around the house! 

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lawn care

we know how hard the winter months can be on your lawn. let us take care of your yard this spring and summer! prices vary based on size of lawn. includes lawn mow and trim. note: subscription packages are also available.

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window washing

need those streaky, stained windows tidied up? we've got the tools to make 'em shine! residential exterior window washing.

note: we have a height restriction of 8ft for safety reasons. 

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