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Above and Beyond: hiregood's Moving Company

We have a great success story that we want to share with you!

Recently, our Moving Taskers were hired to move a customer with health concerns into a new apartment. During the move, something unexpected happened, and our hiregood Taskers made the best out of a bad situation.

The Taskers had two moves booked that day and were off to work bright and early in the morning. Their first move was for a woman who has been a Boyle Street Community Services' client for some time, and identified as having respiratory health concerns. The taskers we were moving her into a new apartment. The crew arrived at the woman's previous place of residence, loaded up her belongings, and drove to the new location. 

However, the day took a turn when the customer received the keys for her new place; she opened the door to find that inside was a terrible mess, and there were hundreds of dead cockroaches left all over the new apartment.

(We would show you the photos, but we'd rather spare the icky details!)

Our Taskers decided that they could not move their customer's belongings into this apartment -- the condition of the unit was unacceptable -- so they called hiregood Operations Manager, Jodi. Jodi tried connecting with the customer's AHS worker, but she was unavailable. Jodi then took it upon herself to speak with the landlord, who was shockingly unsympathetic to the situation. Jodi relayed to him that her customer had health-related respiratory problems and that they morally could not move her belongings into this apartment. Still, the landlord insisted that there was nothing he could do.

The hiregood Moving Taskers had another job that day, so they decided to keep the customers belongings on their truck while they completed their second move. Our Taskers refused to move her belongings into an unsafe and unsanitary place, and held her things while they worked to find a solution.

In the meantime, Jodi tried to connect with a third party cleaning company for an emergency clean, but was unsuccessful with such short notice. She again connected with the landlord and said that they would not move their customer's items into the apartment in such a state, and if it came down to it, they would clean the apartment themselves so their client had a clean and safe place to call home.

Due to Jodi's persistence, the landlord offered the woman another unit in the apartment complex. The new apartment was clean and tidy, and safe for the customer to live in. The hiregood Moving Taskers were able to move her into her new location successfully, and she was incredibly pleased with the advocacy that hiregood had shown for her.

"I am so proud of the way my crew handled themselves today. They knew it wasn't right immediately upon arrival. They made sure our client was treated with the respect she deserved. Our client thanked us a million times and it felt good knowing we were able to make a difference for her today." - Jodi, Operations Manager

This is a brilliant example of the kind of above and beyond work that is done at hiregood and Boyle Street Ventures Inc. every day.  We pride ourselves in taking care of our customers and our community.


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